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A Passion Play - An extended performance

Inviato: 25/07/2014, 23:00
da Hairless Heart
E così, per il "quarantennale-più uno" ci viene regalata questa nuova versione del lavoro più controverso della discografia tulliana, remixata dal "solito" Steven Wilson. Con in più una versione aggiornata delle session precedentemente denominate "Chateau d'Isaster Tapes".

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Alongside Thick As A Brick, 1973′s A Passion Play is Jethro Tull’s most overtly Progressive and conceptual release, featuring a complex poetic narrative framed by the most adventurous music of the band’s career.

A #1 US hit on its release, the album offers dazzling virtuoso instrumental passages, evocative synthesiser sequences, and fuses Folk, Jazz and Rock influences in a strikingly unique, wholly Jethro Tull way.

A Passion Play (An Extended Performance) features new Steven Wilson mixes (stereo and 5.1) of the album, alongside Steven Wilson mixes of the infamous ‘Chateau Disaster’ recordings that preceded it.

Packaged with an 80 page book detailing the album, the band’s 1973 tour and the Chateau recordings, (An Extended Performance) is a glorious way to celebrate a one of a kind release.