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Scambio 33 giri rock uk/usa anni 60/70

Inviato: 29/06/2016, 17:43
da Jimi3000
Scambio i seguenti 33 giri:

Flamin Groovies still shakin - slow death live - flamin groovies 70
Eddie and the hot rods teenage depression - life on the line
Chesterfield kings here are
Crawdaddys express
Count Bishops live
Inmates first offence
Creation how does it feel
Birds these birds are dangerous
Chocolate Watchband one way out - inner mistique
VIPs early spooky tooth
Tomorrow omonimo
Open mind omonimo
Goldenrod omonimo
Stepson the lost tapes
Truth and Janey erupts
Josefus dead man - omonimo
July dandelion seeds

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